Technology for the Perfect Event

Event Room Sound, Video and Communications Technology

Whether it’s music to dance to or a presentation to view on a screen, most important events require modern audio/visual equipment. To ensure you and your guests at Bien VenU enjoy your event to the fullest, you’ll find the latest high-tech audio/visual and communications equipment, both wired and wireless, with enough accessories and gadgets to satisfy an IT department. You want great technology? We hear you.


Technology Overview

  • High-tech sound, A/V and communications with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • RF assistive listening capability
  • Digital wireless audio with hands-free and handheld mics in every room
  • High definition, laser-illuminated projection
  • Portable and mounted screens/monitors up to 226” diagonal
  • Programmable sound in courtyards and Soirée pre-function space

Bien VenU Ballroom and Meeting Room Technology Details

Audio System

  • Digital wireless mics (7 body packs with options of head-worn or lavalier)
  • 1 handheld mic
  • Bluetooth connection Speakers – background music and voice lift providing even audio coverage
  • Flexible audio and video input/output locations allowing for different types of room setup
  • Wired microphone connections in each room


Video System

  • High-definition, laser-illuminated projection
    • 4 fixed laser projectors
    • 3 portable laser projectors
  • Screen sizes
    • 2 portable screens – 137” diagonal
    • 1 portable screen – 166” diagonal
    • 4 installed screens – 226” diagonal
    • Screens include full drapery kit to dress up appearance
    • Can bring HDMI, VGA, mini display port for video content



Bien VenU Ballroom

Soirée (Pre-function space, divided into two zones – North and South)

  • Background music
  • Routable audio from event space



  • Routable audio for background music or microphones (from pre-function/event spaces)
  • Audio routable from event center rooms
  • Includes evenly distributed, in-ground speakers